Server crash on client connect ?

Hey there.

The problem is quite simple. My server crash when a few peoples connect.
You’ll tell me that many peoples had this problem and I should use the search function.
But sadly, all my investigations miserably failed.

The server IP is :
The GSP (Game Server Provider) is “
It’s a 32 slots server, with 66 tickrate.
DoD/CSS/Portal contents are installed.

The Addons currently on the server are :

Wiremod Extra
Smart Constraint
Buoyancy tool
Cheeze Models
Constraint Info Tool
Freeze Tool
Wire GUI
Mad Cows Extra (*)
No-collide multi
No-collide World
Measuring Stick
Smart Weld
Space Build Model Pack
Weight Tool

  • = This is only for the “realistic camera moving while running/strafing”, we already removed other weapons for reasons listed below.

First of all, I’ll tell you the whole story.

At first, we had those addons listed above plus the Gcombat/GCX, GBombs 3, SBMP Entities and Cannons!.
Then we removed the whole Gcombat stuff. The problem is still here. We removed both Cannons! and Gbombs 3 but still that damn crash thing. And just a couple of hours ago, we removed the SBMP entities.
As you can see, we immediatly suspected a lua overflow (Too much luas, and crash :confused: ). Of course it wasn’t crashing so many times but still, after something like 10/15 clients connections, crash.
But then, we suspected a .dua problem (Cache growing bigger and bigger with addons ?) so we deleted all those files and regenerated them. No changes.
We though the problem could be caused by ULX. So we tried Mocoow, NewAdmin, and the current administration system is Citrus. No changes between those mods, same amount of crashes.

So, once and for all, how can we keep the server running like others ?

Whats the specs on the server system, how much ram is still open?

I really don’t know, but Ram don’t seems to be the thing because we did some tests with Gbombs with like 50 nukes or so, and not one once of real problem.

The server seems to have a 8-core CPU and 32Gb Ram. I don’t know how to look at ram usage or CPU usage.

Then its a software problem, rather update or reinstall.

We did that yesterday, it’s not like it has been running for ages without updates or so :wink:

We will try that as a final solution in a few days, maybe someone else know something that can fix it.