Server Crash Report

hello everyday when alot of people are on my server will crash randomly and I get this in the crash report

Uptime( 5.950447 )

memusage( 39 % )
totalPhysical Mb(32740.10)
freePhysical Mb(19910.10)
totalPaging Mb(65478.38)
freePaging Mb(45140.19)
totalVirtualMem Mb(4095.88)
freeVirtualMem Mb(3526.71)
extendedVirtualFree Mb(0.00)

Process Memory
WorkingSetSize Mb(53.14)
QuotaPagedPoolUsage Mb(0.22)
QuotaNonPagedPoolUsage: Mb(0.04)
PagefileUsage: Mb(69.01)

Paged Pool
prev PP PAGES: used: 0, free 0
final PP PAGES: used: 0, free 0
memallocfail? = 0
Active: inactive SpawnCount 0 MapLoad Count 0
Error count 0, end demo 0, abort count 0

ConVars (non-default)

var value default
‘*******’ ‘’
‘180’ ‘65’
‘1’ ‘-1’
‘1’ ‘0’
‘Garry’s Mod’ ‘’
‘0’ ‘1’
‘256’ ‘64’
‘0’ ‘1’
‘0’ ‘1’
‘0’ ‘1’

Console History (reversed)

19(4.945362): ADDING [D:\Mounts\cstrike\cstrike_pak_000.vpk]
18(4.944958): FIND [D:\Mounts\cstrike*.vpk]
17(4.944708): Adding Path: [D:\Mounts\cstrike]
16(4.944166): Adding Filesystem Addon ‘d: cafiles\users\carolineg\824\garrysmod\addons__macosx’
15(4.943562): Adding Filesystem Addon ‘d: cafiles\users\carolineg\824\garrysmod\addons\ulx playurl’
14(4.943137): Adding Filesystem Addon ‘d: cafiles\users\carolineg\824\garrysmod\addons\ulx’
13(4.942550): Adding Filesystem Addon ‘d: cafiles\users\carolineg\824\garrysmod\addons\ulib’
12(4.941854): Adding Filesystem Addon ‘d: cafiles\users\carolineg\824\garrysmod\addons\pointshop-master’
11(4.941079): Adding Filesystem Addon ‘d: cafiles\users\carolineg\824\garrysmod\addons\damagelog-master’
10(4.939888): Adding Filesystem Addon ‘d: cafiles\users\carolineg\824\garrysmod\addons\custom trails’
9(4.776978): Mounting Addon ‘TTT Jihad Bomb (Server Side)’ (206752041)
8(4.776218): Mounting Addon ‘Trouble in Terrorist Town ULX Commands’ (127865722)
7(4.775257): Mounting Addon ‘MapVote - Fretta-like Map Voting’ (151583504)
6(4.173186): Collection has 3 Addons
5(1.371316): Calling GetCollectionDetails
3(1.369517): Fetching Workshop Addons…2(0.341480): Logging into anonymous gameserver account.
1(0.127449): Initializing Steam libraries for secure Internet server

Could someone please help me with this as I cant seem to fix it.

TTT May still have the physics bug with ragdolls. I’d suggest updating the corpse.lua where it creates the corpse. SetVelocity to 0, or multiply the SetVelocity for bones when it creates the ragdoll by 0.01 to slow them down.

Reduce the magneto stick pickup force which will make it harder for Traitors to hide bodies, but people fling bodies to try and crash servers.