Server crash when 2 or more people join

So when I host a server and I have a friend join they will spawn no problem but god help us if another one of my friends wants to join than the server crashes. This happens all the time no matter what. I just got a new hard drive and couldn’t recover anything from the last one so I have a vanilla copy of gmod so it cant possibly be any mods since I don’t have any. Can anyone help?

Computer Specs?

It seems to be working at the moment.

Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHZ
Geforce 9400 GT (1 gb)
4 gb ram
1tb hdd
That should be it at the moment I cant remember if there is anything else needed.

Are you using hamachi or a similar program? Crashes are frequent when you use those programs.

You probably have too many addons.

Someone didnt read the OP. Also no im not using hamachi or anything of the sort. It also seems to be working now… So random how it stopped being an ass.