Server crash?

Did the server just crash? I can’t type any messages in game or use anything ingame.

Same, its all standing still :S

Same for me guys…

I hope its them fixing the render thing. Because those 3 well know names were always disconnecting/connecting making server lag just to glitch inside houses…

Same here ._.

Hope they fix the shotgun bug.

Well my house is wide open to everyone to walk into, cus i had my doors open when everything stopped :frowning:

Noone can Connect you’ll be fine just don’t go to bed. Lol

Well, the funny thing is, im going to work in 20 mins so :stuck_out_tongue:

O Well that sucks that’s very unfortunate :frowning:

Ill watch your house for you (WINK)d;^D

If I join back in before I pass out from playing this game for so long…

it indeed is, oh well, its just Alpha so :slight_smile:

does anyone know if the server crashed, or if they’re just doing maintenance? Or when it will be back up?

I hope it’s maintenance, PLEASE BE MAINTENANCE!! Allllriiight… Giggity… :quagmire:

Was just about to die on the crash :zoid:
Guess i still live :dance:

Maybe they are adding more servers or making the server biggah :dance: cause they said they were selling more keys this week/next week (cause they said this on a saturday)

That would be… AWESOME :rock:

Server was having weird physics lag, restarted it

aww so no other servers or upgraded capacity :frowning:

Coming soon