Server crash

My server crashes whenever someone joins after like 30 minutes. If this is confusing, say me and my friend were playing for like a half an hour, and a guy joins, right after the new person joins, an Auto-disconnect countdown starts… and the error in console is:

CLIENT: 11 active EHandles!

uhh…wtf is this…what’s really weird is, whenever i see this error, the number changes, the ones ive seen are

CLIENT: 11 active EHandles!
CLIENT: 6 active EHandles!
CLIENT: 5 active EHandles!

I suspect that any numbe can fit into there…the funny thing is, this error shows up when someone joins AFTER some time, i don’t know exactly but it’s seriously annoying lol. If you want info or something that i can find out, just ask me.

come on guys, 10 views and no replies, at least say something

I can’t help, that’s not helpful, that’s why we’re not saying anything.

I’m not really sure… could it be that you don’t have a port open for each client? I don’t know. That’s weird.

Hey Lanex :slight_smile:

first of all, what are ports, and how do open them to clients? I bought my server, so i dont know how. also, what files are possibly interfering?