Server crashes in Gmod13

The error that the console gives before the crash happens, I’m not sure why this happens I’ve searched for the last two days and I can’t find anyone else having this issue so far.

Not creating entity ‘instanced_scripted_scene’ - too many edicts! (8064 current, 8192 max)
CreateNoSpawn (instanced_scripted_scene): only works for CBaseEntities

Has anyone else gotten this error?

Basically means you’ve hit the entity limit, it used to be 2048 in GMod 12 so it’s slightly worrying you’re hitting it now it’s 4x higher.

Thanks for the information, but that is worrying that I’m hitting it. I must be screwing something up, thanks again for the info now I can look for a reason

I only have like maybe at most 50 entities created

Sigh, I can’t find the cause guess I’ll have to go through ripping it apart.


Well I found the cause, but no where in my script did I use this or even call this so I have no idea at all

Class: instanced_scripted_scene (3778)

I ran report_entities while server was running and it just keeps increasing every second by hundreds.

Would something like

function EntRemover()
	if Entity:GetClass() == "instanced_scripted_scene" then
timer.Simple(1, function() EntRemover end )

Even work?

function GM.DeleteEnts ( )
	for k, v in pairs(ents.FindByClass('instanced_scripted_scene')) do 
hook.Add('Think', 'GM.DeleteEnts', GM.DeleteEnts);

So this is my bad fix I’d like to figure out the real source tho

I’m getting crashes in TTT.

Find out what’s creating them

Thats, what I’ve been looking for, maybe its the npc_citizen I’m creating that causes it, but I’m not sure I’ve looked for a while and can’t find a true cause.

PlayScene creates these - but it they shouldn’t be sticking around after it’s done. And you’d have to be doing something seriously wrong to end up with 8000 of them.

Are you calling PlayScene every frame?

Same problem. no playscence, no NPC.SetExpression

no ideas?

still need help…

friend is getting this issue to