Server crashes on 3rd player connect

So I’ll host a game that shows up on the LAN and Internet. A friend on the LAN can connect no problems but as soon as someone from the internet joins (the 3rd player) the game just crashes to the main menu and freezes.

I’ve got it set to show up on the Internet (not tick LAN only box).

Anyone got an idea what the hells going on? (Don’t suggest because thats already setup)


bump for glory of anyone knowing

Do you have any big mods like Wire and/or Spacebuild or stargate or what have you? Because if so then the problem I think is due to string tables or the amount the person has to download. I think when its over an amount the server yells “Fuck you!” and crashes.

i have all 3…



I have Wire/PHX/Spacebuild/Connas Tools/GCombat/Drugzmod and loads more, mine never crashes…
I have a dedicated server by the way.

i dont, its listen.

Personally Icefire, Im having the same problem as you are more or less. And unfortunetly, from what I know its due to addons.

I hate it as much as you do tbh

oh well, I’ll have to try to find the perfect balance of addons:players