Server Crashes over and over Again

Ok, So my Server Crashes over and over again every like say hour, but the server has no lag at all! the server automatically just crashes, no idea why. Help please!

DarkRP server ? If yes, then it’s like 10th server that crashes much

You saying this is happening to other servers to?

Depends if your server is DarkRP server then I can tell you a bit more

Yes it is.

So you have answear, when I play DarkRP serveer, it crashes after 1-2 hours, I am just losing connection and server is unavailiabe to join for about 3-5 minutes, thats not my connection what causes it cause rest of servers are working at this time. It crashes mostly when someone joins (Theres many people joining to server, but nothing crashes). It seems like that’s problem with loading profile or something like that.

Thank’s for the info, My server has been in maintenance for about 2 days and maybe one of the issues that could be making it crash is a missed place file, I’ll look in to it, Thank You.

No problem, also if you have any problems add me to friendslist.

sometimes when someone joins and the server sends files to check on the client’s files it overloads cause of to much data being handled.
(from to many addons may be). It has something to do with Purging the DUA cache but i don’t know, Try Google ing it.

Late and false. Overloaded cache won’t make server crash, it will cause “RELIABLE OVERFLOW” and prevent people from joining. No crashes, just errors.

Usually if dark RP servers have over 40 players it crashes.