Server crashes upon host join

Hi. My friend has a hlds server with phx and wire that we build on together and about 3 days ago it was working perfectly. We could both join and leave and the server was stable. But the next day when he booted the server up I could join just fine, but when he attempted the server would crash and then not show up on the list when rebooted for the next 8 mins or so.
He’s tried updating everything. All his svn’s, hlds, his gmod client, everything. He added and updated nothing in the time between when the server worked and when it started crashing. Neither of us have joined another server in at least a year so I don’t think its a lua malscript or anything, Any idea as to what the problem is? He is tired of troubleshooting and I can’t host a server :frowning:

  1. Is he using Vista?
  2. If so, does he get the error: Couldn’t allocate any Server IP port?

His laptop hosts the server and runs vista. His pc runs xp though. I’ve asked him about any errors and he says than none show up.
Thanks for replying.