server crashes when people join?

Im in my server alone and some random person joins. My server crashes. ANY of my friends can join and it not crash but anyone else crashes it. Any idea why?

Probably a virus.

no i dont think its a virus because i would have it to due to the fact that my dedi has EXACTLY every addon and map i have.

It must be, delete everything.

let someone with more than 15 current posts answer goot im not going to delete everything for nothing.

I already said that it was a virus you cursed head of dick.

oh so someone programmed a specific virus to only let me and my friends into my server? Listen to yourself even if someone did they would have no way to know who my friends are.

Either your server can’t handle the amount of people, you’re being DDOS’d, or the people who are joining are infected.

its just me and me only most of the time

most of the time its just me and my friend in there.

If it were being DDOS’d then why can i join?