Server Crashes when players join

Guys i seem to be having a problem, i create a server but when anybody joins it crashes, Hl2.exe has quit working becuase its gay blah blah blah… i tried one of the fixes on here were i go to my computer manage and add some nt/network thing that did not work.

My specs are - CPU Intel i7 2.8ghz
Video card - HD Radeon 5770
Hard drive- 1TB
OS- Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
ram 8gigs

I have spacebuild addons stranded dark rp, and a bunch of model packs to many to list roughly 3 gigs

Ive tried running as administrator now and still nothing made sure my ports were open still nothing im thinking of learning how to run a dedicated instead but really want to avoid that since im running windows 7 and its difficult lol

Ive had the same problem, i don’t think there is a fix for it

ack! I used to be able to host games off of my pc too! but i guess i can try running a dedicated