Server Crashes

My server got crashes every 30~60mins and I dont know how to fix or what the error…

Can you give some more information?

like what?(there is an error log anywhere?)

Gamemode? Were players in at the time? Does it always occur at the same time or when something happens?

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Can you give some more information?

oh RolePlay, like 10 ppl at the crash time in server. but its like new crashes before 1 week it wasnt crash.
edit: The srcds got crashes.

What roleplay gamemode?

I’m currently facing issues where my server crashes when players start driving vehicles, here’s what I got from the dump file:

Maybe the issue is the same as mine?

I’m running on DarkRP.

Im running on PERP.
my friend told me thats something with the memory like the server tried to read memory file and failed and that why the server crashed.
the mdmp file (maybe will help?):

Sounds like the same error as me, does it only occur when players are driving cars?


That’s probably your problem

so anyone have any reason for this crashes>?

Don’t use PERP?

You are very funny, it’s easy to remove instead to fix the problem right?