server crashes

My server crashes when people join. its completely random now. It will sometimes crash when i join it. Whats the deal how come no other server crashes like mine. I have all spacebuild addons and stargate addons as well as ass mod. Thats it.

Home server or dedicated server? If you paid for it take it up with the company you purchased it from.

Is it dedicated, or are you hosting it on your machine, if it’s the latter, stop, and rent a dedicated server.

i bought it and no it isnt their hardware. The shit they use is really good.

Reset the whole server back to stock again and see if it crashes anymore.

jesus im not doing that again it was annoying enough uploading the addons once let alone a 4th time. I made a post about this earlier and it was ignored. Guess it all depends whos on and how you word your stuff. AND it has started doing this shit since 68 came out.

Sue your host.

what part of this shit just started when 68 came out does not click in your tiny mind?


well after shitloads of googling (the past 3 hours) i have found out that spacebuild makes servers unstable. I see other spacebuild servers and they dont seem to have a problem so what is it that im missing that is making the damn thing so unstable. If anyone has a fix please post link.

im getting this also, you’re not the only one. i believe its the update.

At least try and find out if there are also any errors in the console when srcds crashed

fine i will start the server up again and give you the what it says in the console which is usually Lost connection to the server or something along the lines of that.


Server connection timed out.
thats all it says it gives the red warning shit in the top right of the screen and then the countdown till autodisconnect and thats it i cant join my server after that and i have to restart it.

I have this problem too-maybe something with assmod?