Server crashing after changing hosts

Hello everybody. I run a popular GMod server, which never had any issues before changing hosts. I switched from hosthavoc to gmchosting - gmc offers much better hardware solutions for my server. Overall, performance is much better, but now I am dealing with “random” crashes everyday. The host isn’t of much help. I have -not- changed anything from the old server to the new server. Everything is 1:1. If there is anybody out there with in-depth knowledge of running source servers, and fixing source engine exploits, please PM me so we can talk on Steam. If you can help me figure out the issue, I will pay you money $$$$$$$$$$$$$. I have access to crash logs, and a memory dump from a recent crash.

have you tried making a job on gmodstore?

Post your dumps here or nobody will help you, go to gmodstore if you want to offer money or something.
Did you switch from OS?