Server crashing after GMod update

Okay, I run two servers for a community and ever since the update for garry’s mod, they are crashing at a unstable amount, like its not even playable because it crashes every 30 mins - 3 hours.

What do I need to do, or what is being done to fix this?
Are any other servers having this issue?

Thank you.

Yes, I am a LUA coder.

My servers have the same problem
I also need to fix !!

My sever does too!

Please HELP!!!

I can help fix your crashes only if you pay me.

Add me on steam if you interested.



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Yeeaaahhhh, paying this guy is a bad idea

This is STILL going on for me aswell, I’ve submitted 15+ crash dumps & nothing has been done to fix it.

I’m testing this ( script now, I will report back if it fixes it.

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Update: script does not work! installed to lua/autorun/server & it just breaks everything involving NWVars.
Makes textscreens invisible, renders on entities invisible

So is there any REAL way to fix the crashing?

Yes, we’re all having a good time on no-server-crashing-bugs private island. It’s a shame, too. People have been asking where oxym0ron is. Sad you couldn’t make it man.

Thanks for the hate.