Server Crashing ALOT due to prop physics?

Hey guys something I just cannot seem to understand is that my server keeps crashing periodically ( 2-4 times a day ) due to a constant error. Any help with this will be thanked grealty as its really bugging me now.

Thank you!:

Delete your bin folder and srcds executable, then run your update tool.

it seems like someone or something in your server is persistently defying the laws of physics

i’d either keep a better eye on your players or look into getting a different map

Mcllsti did Zimtowers fix work? I have the exact same issue let me know if you find a fix!

Happening to a LOT of us at this point.

Are you running TTT as well?

This may very well be completely irrelevant, but I know that a lot of the time when you see ents getting removed due to crazy physics and stuff like “[ang:-1.#IND00,1.#QNAN0,180.000000] [Pos:-1.#IND00,-1.#IND00,1.#IND00,1.#QNAN0]” it can be caused by division by zero in an apply force or setvelocity/setpos/setangles function.

I’ve accidentally crashed servers by SetPos/SetAng’ing a prop “inappropriately” before.

Yeah, the crazy physics detector is supposed to remove entities before they actually crash the server, but would appear some are getting past it…

edit: Just something for you guys to look out for anyway, does it happen with no addons installed?

Applying too much force can cause a crash also (With e2 applying torque can crash a server)

It worked for me. No more crashes over 30 map changes.

Does anyone else still have this problem?


Have you reinstalled SRCDS? Thats what helped me.

I have this problem too, even after the new gmod update.

Alright I will give it a shot thats what Zimtower said to do as well. TYVM!

This is happening to my server every few hours. Nearly halves the player count - rather annoying.

I’m guessing this error box has pretty much everything to do with this:

It points to a player model, or a ragdoll rather. The crashes happen when bodies gets smacked across the floor, hit by a car on 67thway( TTT ) or anything that makes them hit stuff at a high velocity. I’ve tried reinstalling SRCDS with no luck. I hope Garry( Or Valve, seeing as it’s an engine error ) figures out how to fix this :S