Server crashing (DarkRP)

I have huge DarkRP project in 2.4.3 version.
And after update i have random crashes when player join or spawn and collide/wake physics.

P.S - I dont have errors in client side and server side.
All addons working fine, without errors.

Garry please fix this.

Yes, this is a known issue in the latest update. What you are experiencing is probably due to the instability with the new NWVars, which you could try tinkering on your own.

Nevertheless, it should be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.

Assuming there will be a hotfix…
Knowing garry/gmod coders we’ll just be expected to fix it ourselves.

Well, thanks for the reply.
But why the other servers do not crashing and have a good online?

There is my server crash dump of server for garry or develpoers: