Server crashing - engine error !weapons

It’s happened before. Whenever I start up SRCDS, it tries to load all the addons/lua, then spams the console about everything being a nil value, then pops up with a message box saying “engine error !weapons”.
-condump & -debug in the command line don’t produce anything.

Fresh install (twice, it’s happened before)
Validating install
Running without any addons/etc

I can’t see the full error because of the popup box but it looks like it’s related to not being able to derive from the base gamemode. Do you have the base gamemode on your server, it should be at garrysmod/gamemodes/base

  • Which branch are you using? Main or dev?
  • Did you do anything odd like pulling the lua/ folder from the Garry’s Mod github repository?
  • List your installed addons.

Everything is default. Most, if not all, errors are from the gamemode files and are the same: “attempt to index global ‘x’ (a nil value)”

No, only folder with non-default files in it is addons/.
GCodec, GCompute, GLib, Gooey, VFS

The errors aren’t just from the gamemode files. It’s from everything in lua/ too.

Can you:

  1. On your server, delete garrysmod/lua_errors_server.txt if it exists

  2. Add lua_log_sv 1 inside server.cfg or your command line and launch the server

  3. Post the first 100 lines of garrysmod/lua_errors_server.txt here.

  4. (something completely different) Upload your server’s copy of lua/includes/init.lua to pastebin.

I’ve posted the entire log, it’s all errors about globals being nil:

init.lua is default:

I’ll reinstall it see if that fixes it, it did last time but, it happened a few restarts later.

**Edit: ** Did not work. Restarted it like 3 times and it had the error.
**Edit #2: ** It’s decided to work now. No idea what caused it.