Server Crashing ~ Every 10 Minutes

I was working on a SWEP earlier and encountered some troubles, the server kept crashing and restarting but was giving no errors… So I deleted the SWEP and restarted the server, but the server kept crashing… Aside from that SWEP I had made no other changes, I can’t find any error logs or mdmp files. Are there any other methods I can use to figure out why my server keeps crashing?

Is the server through a dedicated rental provider or home hosting?

Through a rental provider. I’ve raised a ticket and am awaiting response… But for now I’m trying to figure out if it is map specific, but its happening on all maps.

Is anyone else joining or just you on there?

Earlier yeah I had players on and the same thing happened to the server.

If it’s only when players are on they could be executing one of dozens of exploits.

Hitting Save while in a multiplayer server.
Any of the workshop Easy Precision tools can be used to crash.
Same with stacker and tons of other tools.
bla bla bla :confused:

Yes but it also happens when it is just me and some bots!

See if you can get direct console output from your host and check for errors.