Server Crashing (Linux) Segmentation Fault


The Problem: I can’t start my server. Every time I try (assuming -debug is used), the following error is spewed:

Segmentation fault (core dumped)
BFD: Attention: /home/garrysmodserver/srcds/core est tronqué: taille attendue du cœur du fichier >= 1610387456, obtenu: 1024000.
Cannot access memory at address 0xf77d1928
Cannot access memory at address 0xf77d1924
Python Exception <class 'gdb.MemoryError'> Cannot access memory at address 0xffaf8b10:
debug.cmds:1: Error in sourced command file:
Cannot access memory at address 0xffaf8b10
email debug.log to
mardi 20 octobre 2015, 03:17:43 (UTC+0200): Server Quit

The Attempts ;

  • Installing ia32-libs and the like. The packages do not exist in my repository (probably because I’m running 32-bit)
  • Deleting the file and trying again. srcds redownloaded it but it was still truncated
  • Running the update tool with -verify_all (redownloads a bunch of things but does not fix the problem)
  • Running “-command update” with various -game parameters (“garrysmod”, “tf”, etc)
  • Add Ram to server
  • Launch in Sandbox normal
  • Install build-essential

But don’t work i have a segmentation fault

In the old thread …

But all links is down ? How to have new link of this version and where install this download ?

Thank all
Escuse me for my bad english :slight_smile:

I can highly recommend, installing the server with this tool:

It automatically installs everything you need, copies everything to where you need it etc.

Also, you can monitor, start, stop, restart,… the server with this tool.

Just follow the guide on how to install step by step

Okay thank man i test this now !

95% sure that’s broken. Tried it a couple weeks ago.

Segementation Fault …

Not working …

Wait, so your gmod is completely vanilla, yet it crashes when you start it?
Is reinstalling the OS an option?

I test to vanilla …
It’s Debian OS and don’t reinstalling for this moment

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How to I acces to (Restauration Panel) to reinstall to Unbuntu ?

Using it at the moment. It is working just fine.

Try running

 apt-get install ia32-libs gdb 

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Also, does the user have access to all the server files?

did you run apt-get upgrade recently? I had this issue with my server. OS Reinstall was the only fix for me.

Okay man ? What OS do you use ?

I prefer Ubuntu Server or Debian. If you do reinstall, run an apt-get update then apt-get dist-upgrade immediately, before installing any dependencies.

Debain. For some reason a dep got screwed up and would not allow itself to be removed.

Valve appear to have used Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit as their main development environment. This means that if you do exactly the same and use Ubuntu Server 12.04 32-bit, you will have fewer nasty surprises. You can of course use a newer version of Ubuntu and that should also work since it is backwards-compatible.

Not necessarily, if you install the packages properly, you shouldn’t have issues.
I’ve ran wheezy / jessie for a while now.

I am in Vannilla GarrysMod Server
And i have Segmentation Fault …

I did : apt-get install ia32-libs gdb and don’t work …

Which error this time?

Did you actually do what I recommended, or are you just repeating your error to Phoenix?

I remember writing that line. The rest of the info is here also:

Segmentation Fault

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I did not understand ?

So you reinstalled like we asked and it still does this?

He wrote the wiki article you are quoting…