Server Crashing/restart problem

my Server have these Random restart/crashes
and this is the last in my ConLog
i removed the Steam ids for Private Reasons

Same problem here

darkrp bugged or wut :s

IDK i’m running in windows mode, directx 81 and when i do a restart or change the map (online) it crash

Your pc?

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or the server

Processor : Amd x2 1.8 260u
VideoCard: Ati HD Mobile 4270 726mb shared
Ram: 6GB drr3 (i don’t know the frequency)
HDD: 1tb 500gb free and PF of 80gb
Gmod: dx 81 and medium settings

He meant is your PC Crashing or is the server Crashing. Not your specs.

He said server in the OP.

My pc crash
Server works, but if i make a restart or changelevel “hl2 has been stop of working”

My server crashes/restarts. and when it does it crashes.
my computer tends to go totally black screen sometimes and i have to restart it but i did mainly mean the server thank for the responses tho

Use another gamemode… DarkRP sux.

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what else RP’s thats working properly is there to pick from?