Server crashing very frequently, need help intrepreting debug.log

Here is the relevant srcds screen viewed through putty -

This is the debug.log

CRASH: Tue May 27 13:31:08 CEST 2014
Start Line: ./srcds_linux +maxplayers 30 -console -ip -port 27015 -usercon -debug -game garrysmod +gamemode jailbreak +map ba_jail_blackops
[New LWP 22381]
[New LWP 22387]
[New LWP 22391]
[New LWP 22389]
[New LWP 22382]
[New LWP 22378]
[New LWP 22393]
[New LWP 22394]
[New LWP 22392]
[New LWP 22380]
[New LWP 22377]
[New LWP 22379]
[New LWP 22376]
#0  0xb60ff520 in ?? ()
End of Source crash report

and this is the core file mentioned in SRCDS console -

if anyone is able to help or give advice I’d greatly appreciate it.

Other info

Model - Dell PE1950
CPU(s) - 2x Xeon X5140
Speed - 4x 2.33 Ghz
HDD - 1x 73 GB SAS
Traffic - 100 mbit

I am not using any binary modules, and I have no lua errors. Crashes don’t seem to happen at certain hookable events. is missing or does not have the correct read/write permissions

That is not causing, sorted that out already with a soft link, but thanks for advice