Server Crashing

When you have a weapon equipped and you press E+R it crashes the server. Is this happening for anyone else?
EDIT: does anyone know how to fix this?


Does anything come up on the console? Might help root the issue.

Nope nothing, you press E+R then your gun glitches inside of you and when its been dropped it creates like 10 guns.

Why would you press E and R the same time ?

Unable to replicate, remove all your addons, disable your workshop addons, and do a fresh install of gmod, should fix your problem.

I’m going to start saying this in every post…If you uninstall all your addons, and delete your steam/steamapps/XXXXXXXX/garrysmod folder, and you STILL have issues, THEN it is most likely a gmod issue, not an addon one.

@007 This is a server issue, not a client issue. E+R for some weird reason is a drop command.

i found out what it is, its a weapon addon.

Sounds like you are using a swep that uses the old mad cow weapons base

So yeah it sounds like you are trying to use a old legacy addon