Server Crashing

I run a newer gaming community. We’re focusing on DarkRP with quite a lot of custom content. We have several addons but according to our host, NFO servers, there’s not too excessive usage but yeah.

I’ve checked several addons but nothing seems to be the exact problem.

It’s usually when we reach ~20 players which would happen daily if it wasn’t for the crashing.

Our server right now is as follows:

Six core: Raw horsepower for numerous servers or applications.
Six full, dedicated HT CPU cores (Nehalem or better)
6144 MB of RAM
600 GB of RAID-protected storage
12000 GB of InterNAP bandwidth transfer

Only one server is usually running right now, but we have several.

Any ideas on what could be the issue?


Can we get some more information? What addons are you using?

Well, I am using quite a bit of addons and I’ve optimized it quite a bit. I even paid someone to try and help me and they did help a bit what with any unefficient addons, tickrate, etc. I changed.

Here’s a mixed list of all of them:

First off, our Collection, which contains most models and workshop content:

And here’s an album filled with what’s on our FTP:

That’s a lot of addons. Have you tried temporarily disabling/removing them to see if it solves the crashing?