Server crashing

I have been trying to connect to a server i go on and everyone is fine but me? No i crash every time i get past the loading screen after i click connect. It’s really starting to piss me off.


Hello anyone?


Triple post D:.

System specs.

Why even bother until the annoying error goes away?
It could maybe be the server?

So, when you say you get past the loading screen, do you mean your view actually switches to the map’s spawn point, or do you crash right when the loading screen should end?

I crash on spawn point. Like i can move for 1 second and then i crash.


Where do i find them? I forgot.

dxdiag my friend.

Ok what page do you need.

Just the CPU RAM OS and GPU

Is that in Display?


Ok. Give me a minute.


Wrong page. New one will be in another post.

Where be the GPU? My Friend.

Sorry wrong page.


Strange. Tried Re-installing GMod by Deleting the files (Back up your addons) and deleting the local cache then starting again?

No and how do i delete Local Cache i know how to do the other stuff.


I backed up my stuff well half and i downloaded the another half. I will download the other shit later.

Sometimes a Re-install is the best way. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t so result is 50/50

Ok i just finished putting my addons back in. And i am going to try it now.


Yay it works.