Server creation help

Hi guys.I just got Garry’s Mod,and was wondering if I could get some help.I have vista,and I want to make a server.SRCDS doesn’t work for me.Can someone tell me why,how to fix it,or an alternative?Thanks.

A simple listen server will suffice if you want to screw off with friends.
A dedicated server is great, But it is best run off a secondary, lightly used computer, as opposed to running one on the same computer you game on.
Any secondary computer will do for a dedicated rig, as long as it has an internet connection.

If you don’t have another computer to host off of, I would recommend renting a server from a GSP (I can recommend you some people).

But, if you want to home-host, you can follow this list of things that I’ve made:

I’ll try the listen server,then I will try yours,2Stroke.Thanks for replying!

EDIT: Okay,does GSP cost money?

Yes, but it’s usually less than $10 USD/month for a small server.

I found an alternative,but it is the one where you say “connect ##.##.##.###:27015”.

You mean a home-hosted server? (non-listen, dedicated)

Thats a listen server

It could be either, he could be running srcds on a home computer.

I have vista,and I found out srcds isn’t compatable.

You have to run it as Administrator I believe.

i have vista and running 2 servers at the same time :P,

Well my router (NETGEAR) will only accept LAN IP addresses when port forwarding.That’s my problem.

These steps explain what to do next. You have your Internal and External Ips confused. Just follow the guide and it should work.

About SRCDS it is compatible with vista I use it. and it works just fine, I just one problem I added my name and steam id to the user.txt and it still doesn’t recognize me as admin, can anyone help me here?

Okay,now all I need to do is get my server up,tell somone that,and I’m good to go.Thanks.