Server customisation in config file

Hey fellas!

In many topics I read people ask for several things but different people have different opinions.
Melee fighting seems to be a popular topic, “nerf the bow” or “prevent griefing” are popular requests and there’s even somebody who would like to see the rust map without all the rural areas.
So what if a server owner could set up more options in the default server cfg…?
We’ve had loot tables we could tinker with in legacy. Right now, its only possible with plugins and if we mod our servers, they are gonna be lost between all those TP/instacraft/x10+ servers.
Some of the things proposed here are completely new and probably not possible with plugins.

First of all, there should be a loot table again. In this loot table, new options could make the items not craftable / researchable and only make them appear in airdrops or radtowns, not in barrels.
With the loot table, there will be less arguments if certain firearms are too common (they are) and if the bow is too powerful (it’s not) or that c4 is way too common (it is) because every admin might change it.
In the current state its a lot of work to get a plugin and precisely set up the loot. There should also be the option to make certain blueprints a default blueprint on your server.

In the server config file could be a lot of lines to customize gameplay.
Here are a few examples I can think of:

Server configuration file
// […] is a placeholder for more similar lines following. I am not going to list every monument or animal

procgen_nolandmarks false
procgen_noroads false
procgen_randombarrels false (make barrels spawn everywhere on the map)
procgen_radtown.count 10
procgen_nocaves true
procgen_nosphere false
procgen_noairfield false
procgen_desert_size 30
procgen_snow_size 30
procgen_forest_size 30
procgen_water_size 10
procgen_mountain_multiplicator 0.2 //the higher, the more and bigger mountains will appear
procgen_river_count 10

time_day 30 //in minutes
time_night 5 //in minutes

combat_disable true //disable all pvp damage, useful for so called “pve” servers
combat_bulletdrop false // disable bullet drop
combat_armor_disable false //ignore armor values
combat_hardcore true //makes everybody a one-hit :slight_smile:
combat_skipwounded false //skips the “wounded”-state
combat_rocket_damage_multiplicator 1
combat_fire_damage_multiplicator 1
combat_c4_damage_multiplicator 1

resource_wolves_max 50
resource_bears_max 50
resource_smallstones 200
resource_bigstones 100
resource_hemp 100
resource_quarry_disable false
resource_oiljack_disable false
resource_tree_capacity 2000 //amout of wood in a single tree

crafting_queue_limit 50 //limits crafting to 50 pieces at a time, preventing players to craft 20k gunpowder while sleeping | 0 = unlimited
crafting_multiplicator 0.5 //half the crafting time

player_maxstack 10000 //edit stack limit
player_spawnhp 100 //make players spawn with 100 hp
player_spawnfood 250 //players
player_spawnliquid 250 //
player_cupboard_limit 5 //limits the number of cupboards to a player
player_sleeping_bag_limit 3 //limits the number of sleeping bags
player_barricades_allow false //prevents players from placing barricades of any kind
player_cupboard_allow_register true //allows players to register at other players cupboards like we’re used to, false will make the player need to destroy the cupboard and build a new one.

event_helicopter_disable false
event_helicopter_rockets true
event_helicopter_napalm true
event_helicopter_minigun true

There could be more…some of those also may be meaningless to some of you but I like freedom of choice.
I’d like to see some stone age servers without radtowns with primitive melee weapons only.
I’d like to see some variation in servers. Missing loot tables make every server almost the same.
A problem might be that you could join a melee only server without even noticing…

Most if not all of this can be accomplished with mods. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these features built-in, but since they’re already moddable I doubt it’s a high priority.

It’s the same on the vanilla side: you’re going to get buried between all those other servers either way. If you’re hoping to stand out, you’ll need to find a better way to do so.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of players (myself included) LIKE vanilla servers exactly because we know what we’re going to get: more or less consistent resource distribution, with variety coming from the players and admins.

I am unearthing this topic again to propose again new command lines for a server config. Many people complained about the heli, some people are holding a grudge against killing on sight and some people like to change or abolish the blueprint system.

There could be a file where server owners could set up default blueprints.
There could be a command line to disable helicopter rockets, helicopter loot or the whole thing.

I still think vanilla servers need some options to customize.