Server -> DarkRP Missing Animation

Hi guys!

I started doing my DarkRP Server a while ago and now im Working on it continuosly.
Yesterday I added some Custom Skins and added those to Downloadlist by resource.addfile.
Download Worked correctly then.
But ingame, all added Models dont have animation. They are just plain standing like in Modeling Programs.
Some of the 5 Models i added are “Walking” in the Menu. The others dont.
I already asked @ for an Solution.
I got the answer i should ask the maker of the Models and its not the Darkrp’s Fault.

These all Models are from and supposed to be used at Garrysmod.
What does an Model need to be used in DarkRP?


No listen. If a model isn’t hexed, it doesn’t have bones (If I’m right), which means: The maker of the models failed in this part, you’ve to hex them yourself, or use other models.

Afaik, hexing is the name for that, but I’m not quite sure.