Server decay issue

Things on our server seem to be decaying too fast. I went into the console via F1 and entered decay.decaytickrate “1”

The default was 300, If I attempt to go lower to 0 or 0.001 etc the entire server lags out. I wnt to my server, CFG, Server.cfg and the following is there,
server.pvp “True”
sleepers.on “False”
censor.nudity “False”
crafting.instant “True”
airdrop.min_players “5”
decay.decaytickrate “1”

Things still seem, to be decaying too fast, am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated!

I know nothing about running a server, but it seems to be you would raise to the number to decrease the rate of decay

The rare posts that I can see about decay rate say that the lower the decay rate the better but things like spike walls etc are decaying really fast with it set at 1.

Why not experiment and actually try turning it up to see if there is a difference?

I have tried both

decay.decaytickrate 2000

and decay.decaytickrate 1

so far Ive notice decay.decaytickrate 2000

will last a bit longer but it will still decay