Server Development

Hello I need a DarkRP server Dev I pay PM me we chat on skype I can pay a good amount we can talk prices etc on Skype :slight_smile: I already have the server

(User was permabanned for this post ("You clearly are not getting this, extending your other ban too" - NiandraLades))

Not saying this is the right section, but posting some contact info would help you out.

I did say pm me for skype :slight_smile: thanks for ur reply

He doesn’t want to give out his Skype because he’s already got two accounts serving bans of different lengths from just earlier.

No i do not and I dont want to give out my skype because I dont want random people adding me or Using a skype resolver to ddos me.

I send you a MP
Then you will give me your skype

What’s the difference then…

So people can’t just post your skype after you give it to them, right?

well thats the trust part if they post my skype they dont get the job

contact me if you want give me your skype i cant pm you here your not allowing it

Third alt account? You freakin serious?

Same Browser, same location, same operating system, as them both.

no one cares

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