Server died after migrating hosts?

Hello guys, I really hope this is the right section but i’m reaching out for an explanation.
My server Garnet DarkRP used to be based in Los Angeles, we had a thriving playerbase of 32-48 8-16 hours a day, but we then migrated hosts to a company called GameSwitchers, whos servers are located in Canada and my playerbase dropped down to 16-20, leaving me with my VIP and regulars playerbase from the old server, also, I am hardly getting new players on the server.

Is there an explanation to this? is it because US players don’t see the new server on their list due to geographical reasons?

very probably

I’ve noticed a lot of servers get lower traffic after switching hosts, could be a location thing or maybe some regulars don’t know the new ip

I guess Phoenixf129 didn’t tell you while he was sales pitching you in the other thread that you would have to change ip and that your users need to know the ip in order to join / find the server in the server list again, not being in their history/favorites. And ofc, that the server would be further away from your playerbase.

Whenever switching hosts you should always do it earlier, so you can change the names of the old servers to the new IPs + making a script so if a player joins it redirects them.