Server dies out

Well, just to put it out, the update this week was so horrible that most of the players quit until a patch/better update comes out. 50 players average dropped to 7.
We have the ladder story which will force base builders to make ugly overhangs everywhere. But thats just a sidenote. I know its alpha but the amount of bugs and glitches was thrown in this week is incredible.

Hope for a good fix next week.

I’ll start playing once they remove that stupid option to place ladders on the pillars.

I’m one of them. Waiting for ladder to be balanced out. Right now it’s not fun to build a base imo.

im waiting until the ladders get removed im not playing if not

Then you’re never playing again.

Ofcourse its dying. Worst update ever ruined whole game. I hope they fix it soon.

why is everyone QQ’ing evolve how you build, you dont build for beauty but for protection

Because it’s not really that fun any more. As a lone builder I now get wrecked really damn fast unless I play on very low population server. The new update is unbalanced as fuck right now, giving raiders a much easier time raiding all but most defended bases. Even loners can easily get into fairly complex bases. As a builder I stand little chance now.

I’ve been messing about on a desktop server trying to come up with a base design that is reasonably secure & affordable. So far I’ve not come up with anything that can’t be breached with 5/6 C4.

I think a large honeycomb base of 1x1s would be hugely expensive & only practical for very large groups & horrible to live in.

A base with lots of overhangs can be breached quite quickly thanks to the C4 blast radius.

I’m out of ideas for the moment.

same shit happens every 2 months. the devs make changes, and people start talking about how it’s going to kill rust and they aren’t playing ever again. see you in a few weeks/months time.

Have you managed to find a base design that works i.e. reasonably secure from offline raiders, post ladders?

if you hate the ladders build on water you dumbasses :suicide:

Are you saying that ladders don’t work on water bases?

you can still ladder on even on frozen water. even if you put spike they can still swim up

Butt. Why is the question “Dumb”?

Don’t pay attention to ratings, they don’t really mean anything.

If you want a secure base, its called lots of doors.

Its tragic that you have to build a doorway instead of just blowing up your twig stairs but i think you guys will get by.

Yeah noobs, just fill your entire base with doors again, that’s such an good idea! Have a star.

Yeah I know and I don’t but I just thought he was “Dumb” for doing it.

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I couldn’t even be bothered to do that on a test server with admin privileges. The resource requirements would be huge, the base would be horrible and I suspect furnaces would give their position away.

But this happens in development. I am sure they are working hard to fix the bugs. Seriously, you can bet they have stopped some work to focus on this.

Yes, it was a bad update. But we can live with some bugs for a week or 2. Rust will go on.