Server direct connect Problem


@DEVS: Could you implement in Rust that one who owned a Server which is not shown at official List could add his own to the Favourites so that I do not have to start every fucking time over the console and also expand the shown server limit to infinite like every other game!!!

I have my own server listed as a favorite.

If your server is listed in history, click the little star next to the server name to make it favorite, if not then search the server name and click the little star

I have searched my Server but it is not there, but you could find it everywhere else in the internet and I can connect to it

not even in your history?

Anyway, what’s the name of the server?

It is called ThreeKings and here is the adress:

I can find it listed under modded servers, when searching by the name ThreeKings.

I am now contacting zap hosting support, but anyway feel free to play:)

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They told me its the fault of Facepunch