Server does not appear on the list

I just opened a server some minutes ago from a VPS that I bought, for some reasons it does not appear on the server list…
the ip is It also does not let me log with the “rcon.login”… Please some help

Please help?

Can you give us more info, like what your server’s name is? Are you making sure to have the game port and the port after the game port forwarded?

The name is “ International” and there are port farwards for all the ports, You will be able to connect using the IP - client.connect but for example when you go to the menu while connected you’ll see “Server Name” instead of the normal name and no option to quit the server…

Don’t include your rcon password (censor it out), but what is the launch command you’re using for the server?

RustDedicated.exe" -batchmode +server.port 28015 +server.hostname “ International Server”
I tried adding the seed, map size and etc, no change…

your server shows in the list