Server does not show up on internet list any more

Hello my darkrp server doesent show up on the internet list anymore. some days ago i had 30 players and it was little laggy so the next day i started the server with -tickrate 33 and had it online a while and was on the server and i had like 0 playes and some joined via history etc. i have talked to some players, they say the server doesent show up on the internet list … how can i fix this issue? ive, searched the web with no luck… yes ive tryed without -tickrate 33 no difference


It won’t show on the internet list to people in different parts of the world, except by chance, due to the April master server list changes. It also won’t show in the server list if you have added it to favorites using the legacy browser. To be more specific about the region shit, EU players don’t see US servers and US players don’t see EU servers. There are very few exceptions to this rule, and mostly have to do with how fast a server responds to a query request. Once there has been X amount of servers replied from the master server list, it stops. Valve made these changes because it makes sense for match-making purposes for CSGO, Dota2 and other games, but it makes no sense for GMod but Garry isn’t likely to make his own master server list system so GMod has suffered on player counts ever since.

The thing is my server is about 3 weeks old now and only swedish and no swedish people can see it any more. :slight_smile:

Do you changed the sv_max_queries_sec_global ?