Server doesn't show up under the correct gamemode.

I have my own gmod MilitaryRP server that I am hosting and when the server is running my friends can join, but only from clicking on my profile in steam and clicking join game. I want other people to join but if they can not find it they can not join. It is all port forwarded and updated. The name of it is Like a Block Gaming MilitaryRP.

Does it show up on the serverlist at all?

Let me guess, you are running darkRP which you changed the name to miliratyRP and it isn’t showing up under militaryRP.

No it doesn’t

Are you actually running a game mode named miliatryRP or is it just darkRP? The name you give the server has nothing to do with which game mode it shows up under.

It is a renamed darkrp. Before I get hate, the only reason I’m using it was because I love the gamemode but the server I usually play on is gone forever.

If the server is working and you can connect to it, but it is not showing up on the serverlist, the most you can do is set your sv_region to 0; however, the Steam server protocol is GeoIP locked, unfortunately.

Oh man I’ve already set the region to that so I guess it won’t show up ever then.