Server dont respond -> Crash -> CreateFragmentFromFile Error ?

I have a question …
I create a gmod Server one day ago. The Problem is, every I think ~10 Hours the Server crash…
The Console of the Server is there but dont response to any command. The FPS is everytime the same when the Console dont respond… so the Server crash

The only thing the console tell me is this, before it crash:

Server crashes and everytime i check the console, I see that “CreateFragmentFromFile…” thing…

-> Windows Server 2008 64bit
-> Newest Version of GMod
-> 16GB RAM
-> 6 Cores

Main Addons of my Server;
> ULX / ULib
> I use Deathrun
> Many Playermodels
> Pointshop

Can anybody help me… ?

(sorry for my bad english ^^ )

I don’t believe it’s because of that CreateFragmenrFromFile thing. Have you tried removing some addons and testing of the crash is fixed? If not then do so.

CreateFragmentFromFile is for sprays, nothing to do with the crash.

When it crashes make sure you get the logs of it.