Server Down

Why is the EU Server 2 down.
And why tell us the admin nothing about it.

The servers go down constantly this is Alpha… If the Admins told us why it went down every time the news feed would be packed on the website. You need to chill

Agreed, news feed would be packed… but they could make use of their Twitter to inform their payign customers.

Regardless, the EU 2 server has been running without major downtime for days. So it is not that big a deal.

You aren’t a paying customer. You are an Alpha Tester and shouldn’t expect to be treated like royalty. You got the game at a reduced price (well maybe unless you are an idiot) and you get to test the game in extremely early development… The fact that the game is playable in such an early stage is awesome. Devs are awesome and I would rather have them fixing the game rather than updating their twitter about the server being down… They know it is down and them telling you why it is down isn’t gonna get it put back up any time sooner.

I paid for access to a product. The product being in alpha does not diminish the legitimacy of the transaction. I exchanged money for goods, I am therefore a customer.

I am not angry or raging. I just suggested that the devs take 30 seconds to make their customers aware of downtime on twitter. A 30 second tweet does would have little to no impact on the time it takes to fix the issue. Most devs of other games use Twitter in this way.

So tone down your fan boy, groupy attitude. The devs have put out an awesome product. I thoroughly enjoy the game. However, they drop the ball when it comes to relating with their customers.

They are developing a game! They don’t need to update us on every little thing. You paid for a faulty product until it is finished.

haha + 1

At the end of the day if you want a really successful game you need to communicate about downtime (I for one would love this game to be all it can be). 1 person taking 10 seconds to write a quick update so hundreds of people can arrange their day is not a big deal is it?

What would they say!? “Hey, uhhh guys… The uhhhm, server is down.” Then you guys would bitch because you already knew that… They don’t know when the server is gonna go back up… They always are working on them when they go down they can’t be like yah it’ll b up by 3:22 because they don’t know when it will be. This is so stupid.

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