Server downloading help

Can anyone help me know how to make people download models and what not when they join the server? Such as when people join the server and they don’t have a certain map (example: gm_bigcity) how can I make it so they can download it? Also is it possible to do it the same way with models and such? Reason why I’m also asking about the models is because I have a new model but when I tested it out it wouldn’t work. Please reply to this thread as fast as possible.

You can’t download big maps from the server, they have to download them out of the game.


Oh and models won’t work like that either, they need to have downloaded them already.

You’re wrong I remember being forced to download a model before in other servers. Besides I was able to do it before I just forgot the script.

Bump, it’s sorta urgent I suppose you can place it.

im not sure but do you have a solution to my problem i cants seem to download anything on multiplayer servers

I can help with that. Go to your options button in-game and go to your ‘multiplayer’ tab, after look a little bit below you should see some words such as “do not download custom files” or “allow all custom files” etc. fix it to “allow” and you can download stuff.

This should help