Server Downloading

How can i get my players to download the content on my server and use it without having them personally having it and installed it. For example when i go into some servers there will be weapons i can use there that i never had because the server has it.

How can i do this and what is the limitations on it?

Sounds like you want the same as me =]

could someone enlighten me more on the subject?

I’m also having issues with this, everything works besides transferring of models and materials.

You need the Resource script.

Destination: “garrysmod/Lua/autorun/server/resource.lua”
(If you dont have autorun and server folder, create it and the resource.lua file".

Then in resource.lua you type:

[lua]resource.AddFile( ‘path/thing’ )[/lua]


[lua]resource.AddFile( ‘models/player/gman_high.mdl’ )[/lua]

That makes the client download the Gman model, if they dont have it.

Hope I helped!

Is there a “working” script to make it download all models without having to add one by one?