Server Downloads Content But People Still See Error Signs!

When I launch my server, the files for the custom content download automatically and it takes about 10 minutes for them to download all the files, however, people have complained that they still see error signs for custom models. I really don’t know what the error is and would appreciate it if anybody could help me, thanks!

NEW: The server does not download content anymore, I really don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am using a fastdl.

Can anybody fix this problem or know a solution?

Are you using fastDL?
Please post your setup.

When peopple re-join, are they re-downloading the files?

It used to show the files downloading but now, the files do not download when I go on the server or when other people go on the server too.

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Yes, I am making people download my files from here: but now, it is not even letting me download the files when they go on the server. I really do not know what is the problem is.

Im guessing garry broke fastdl AGAIN

Nope since fastdl is working on my server.

Can you show me your files or make a video how you made fastdl to work. Have you compressed all your files? I really need help please!!!

I’ll send you a pm with my server info, you join it, i’ll be ingame(in this 2 hours)

Ok thanks very much!

I’m waiting for you. sended you ip in pm.

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Join me Corey,

I will do now, bear with me.

Why it takes you so long…

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btw re-join since i restarted

Unfortunately, it did not work. Am I doing something wrong?

Nope, something just sucking u :smiley:


i don’t know. just rent gameserver where fastdl is included lol

I don’t really want to but I will delete everything and try again.

Just leave…

that really helps his issue.