Server Downloads the same list of files every time

Okay, so I am pretty new to garry’s mod and this might be normal and I just have to deal with it, so if it is please let me know.

Here is my problem: Whenever the map changes there is that loading screen. I see a ton of things downloading, scrolling through the same list every time. This takes so long that I am almost always put on the spectator team when it finishes downloading (usually a minute or so). When this happens I am the only one on the Spectator team, so I think it is only me. Anyways, my questions are:

Why is this happening? Why is it downloading the SAME files EVERY time the map changes? They seem to all be models, I can take a video if needed.

Can I fix it? Is there somewhere I can pre-download these files so they don’t have to be downloaded every time?

P.S: This happens on a server, I haven’t tested on any other servers. I asked for help there and the best suggestion was to reinstall garr’s mod. I did this and it did not solve the problem. And yes I do have CS:S

EDIT: So it turns out I only reinstalled the game itself, not addons and maps etc. I will do that total wipe now and report back soon!

It’s because the server you’re joining probably doesn’t have their FastDL setup correctly. Do you see errors as player models when you connect?

That’s a serverside issue, not one you can fix.

It is because you constantly are trying to download files that aren’t there, tell that server to fix their bugs.

I have this issue too with my server.
But me and my friends don’t have this problem only 2 or 3 users

Okay, thanks for letting me know this is a server side issue. I will notify the server staff immediately.

You have this issue. Delete everything in garrysmod/download and garrysmod/downloads then unsubscribe from every workshop item and delete everything in your addons folder. When you connect to your server it will download everything. When you reconnect it will make you redownload those missing files.

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Also delete the stuff in your sound, materials, and models folder.

Thx :))

Are you sure that the files *being *downloaded aren’t files from a particular game which you need mounted? For example, if you don’t have CSS mounted and join a server that uses CSS weapons, then it would try to download the CSS weapons.

Are you sure about that? I was almost positive it just skipped over downloading them :-/

The problem WAS server side, the developer for the server fixed it. Not sure exactly how, but it doesn’t happen anymore!