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Hi, this has most likely been answered many times before. But could someone explain to me / send me a link to something explaining how to have people download custom models from my server so that they can see them in the spawn list.

yeah I’m new to this never posted on a forum before (don’t flame me if i got this in the wrong place)

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Google “Garry’s Mod resource.addfile,” you need to make a list of items in this script to force a user to download.

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Here’s a link with a better explanation, the file you make should go in your garrysmod/lua/autorun folder.

Thanks for that

So i managed to create that file and it seems to work okay, my only issue is that the downloading of these files is very slow is this where the fastDL comes in. or is that for something else ?

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okay i take it back it still doesn’t show up in the spawn menu, it downloads the files when connecting but they don’t show in the spawn menu 0_o