Server Downloads

On my server, some people are redownloading everything, as if they are joining the game for the first time, but they have already played and this happens EVERY time inbetween maps and such. What is the problem? How can I fix it?

The issue is you don’t have your downloads set up properly…

If it acts as though it downloads the same files over and over ( It tries to download, times out, then goes to the next; it isn’t actually downloading although it may appear like it is ), you:

A) Have FastDL enabled :: sv_downloadurl is not “” – AND the FAST DL server doesn’t have the files, or doesn’t have them in the right folders.

B) You disabled downloads/uploads from Server ( Although I am not sure it would try to download in this instance; most likely A )

Can you show us your FastDL link? And List some of the files?

I cannot list since it only happens to a couple of people and one says its like a thousand files. What you’re saying is that I should have set “sv_downloadurl 1” correct? And I use most things from workshop, only using a few things such as lightsaber sounds and such for FastDL.

If you rename your addons folder, and server/downloads/addons nested folder( s ), do you download all of them just fine? The client may have disabled downloads in the multiplayer options.

It could be one of many different causes; but without getting some info we can’t help. What is the downloadurl? Do you know if it is the loose files or not?

What do you mean by downloadurl?

^steam collection I use/made

And some items just needed to be downloaded as shown:
resource.AddFile( “sound/lightsaber/forcerepulse.wav” )

Sorry if Im being dumb here… One has said she has enabled downloads. So I have to rename the addons folder to something like “downloads” and move the entire folder to server/downloads?