Server downloads

So random thought, is it possible to use server downloaded items for singleplayer?

Yes, items downloaded from a server are saved in your Garry’s Mod, and can be accessed by the Q menu, and browse page. Mostly in the Garry’s Mod tab. Also, entities cannot be use. (No cars, food and such, just the models for them)

But I go on Diaspora (SB) all the time and I’d kill for they’re weapon system.

Only way would be to set up a server and run the gamemode, or to run the gamemode in singleplayer. (which depends on the gamemode)

It’s not the gamemode tho, its a gcombat like addon they have.

Then just download gcombat.

Haha I have it, they have a different custom weapon thing thats awesome and according to my Gmod I downloaded but I can’t use them in singleplayer, know how i’d change that?

Run the gamemode.

Doesn’t work. The addon doesn’t enable or identify it’s self.

Because it is supposed to run via serverside lua. Outta luck here champ.

ya it is possible with gamemode.


If you install SRCDS you can use it, but it’s a long process wich is a pain in the ass.