Server Dust | Descent

I had a bunch of ideas I was working on simultaneously, and I decided to merge them all into one picture, and ended up with this. It was nice being able to post in the WIPs and Tips thread and receive constructive feedback mid-work.


C&C is most welcomed

Impossibly gorgeous as always. You never cease to drop jaws

Bloody amazing

i couldn’t find anything to complaint about if i tried

The amount of detail that goes into your pictures is nothing short of breathtaking

Amazing and stunning picture – the details are amazing, it took me a while but I can see that rebel metrocop in the shadows!

Absolutely fantastic!

I like all the placement of the props. You should make a video of the whole process of making and editing the pictures someday.

I very much like the colors of light gray with lush green here. I actually didn’t even notice in the wip pic that he had a gun, the light reflections clarify this big time here. What’s the backstory here? It looks to me like there once was a port but the sea levels declined?

I would definitely do those videos, but they’re a bitch to make tbh and I’m too lazy to go about doing them 90% of the time

Not much of a backstory other than a canal-like industrial sector buried under ruins of chaos and mischief cut off by a bigass wall leading up to a high-ground platform base

Oh shame. Would love to see the process.

I just record the whole thing then speed it up with Windows Movie Maker, but you mentioned that you take way longer to make your work (and it shows) so it’s probably way too much footage to condense, let alone store.

I tried doing that once, recording at 5 frames per second, I still ended up with way too much footage and when I sped it up enough to not make it a 40 minute video you couldn’t tell what the fuck was going on

The only way to make it work with massive amounts of footage would be to have the recording run through a still camera, instead of the first person view, and an in-progress window in PS instead of the workspace which I doubt is possible