Server Dust | Docked

I missed green grass and bloomy sunshine. Tried some new stuff with the water, would appreciate C&C as always.

Your stuff is the bomb.

Just something I wondered because I tried adapting your technique for SFM and Character lighting, why do you always do sceneries?
I’d really like to see what you could pull off at a character close up or something with your technique.

… and then maybe make tutorial about it :v:

As always your stuff never fails to impress!

This is ludicrously good. The amount of detail is eye popping!

The water reflections are likewise really really great!

Dude, all stuff you create are master pieces. I like the greenery and the water reflection. I mean, its still hard to believe it was made in gmod.

Dude can you save some magic for the rest of us? Holy shit man that’s absolutely incredible.

I’m an environment guy, I discovered this about myself several years ago. Call me autistic, but I can relate ten times more to a particular scenery than I can to a person or character. I just find our world to be so much more powerful and expressive than ourselves. I see character and personality in it more than in a person.

With that said, I guess I should try and do some more closeups in the future. As far as lighting goes, nothing much should change other than artistic preference.

Love that water reflection on the ship and heat distortion from engines. Great details!

it’s just so pretty that’s all i can say

You know what would’ve been really cool is if there was a guy in one of the elongated rectangular windows to the left of the jet engine. I like how the birds are also sitting atop of the ship itself. The reflections from the water onto the ship are also a great touch. I feel like the 1/3 of the ship on the right is too dark though. See how the shadows behind the engine entrance (behind small red glowing dots) are dark but not too dark, while the shadow near the white elnogated lamp to the left of the two rectangular windows is even darker. I would’ve illuminated that part more cause it looks pitch black to me. It’s like the darkest spot in the picture.

Agreed. Some spots are indeed too dark up there, I guess I should raised the opacity of the frontal light pass a bit more (as in, more than 1% :v)

i’d disagree with that, the dark spots are great for contrast and bring out the beauty of the sun-lit areas even more