Server Dust | Downed

About time I ended the lengthy break I took from Facepunch the past two months. Glad to be here again, I missed the section.

Another work I worked on while I was gone:

i’m glad you’re back!
you can even make a grey color palette look great.

The level of detail is astonishing, could you share a side or above view of the build as well?

Thanks, here’s one from above/right

And this is with effects rings turned on :v

the level of detail i- ah fuck Tbone said it already

Damn I love that first one, would looks great as wallpaper

Absolutely gorgeous! Were the sky and dust effects added in post?

Great Scene! I love the lighting, glad to see you back on Facepunch! Hope you had a good break.

Yessire, fog/sky are in photoshoop

Got heavy “The Road” vibes from the first one, love them both though!

Oh my god. This brings back memories of a gmod9 server I started my whole gmod adventure with. Combine prop planes were a big thing back then. I imagine this is what it looks like today…

You’d actually fail to believe that this was done in Garry’s mod its that good. Amazing effort there lad!

This is certainly a great way to make a comeback, I love the feeling of desolation you’ve created in the main picture, it’s seriously awesome.