Server Dust | Grit

Trying out a different style. Feedback/critique appreciated.

Really liking the grittiness you’ve been introducing to the HL2 aesthetic lately! Same with the industrial / Miyazaki-type Steampunk influences.

Great work as always!

god the texture work is so good i wish i could do it just like you

Looks great, but i would’ve add some dust particles and stuff, to make it look more abandoned and old. It kinda reminds me of a scene in The Force Awakens though, with Rey in a Star Destroyer.

Digging this a lot, love the gunner on top and the empty plain

Looks neat. Do you have bigger resolution pics of this particular pose?

y e a h

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Thanks for the feedback - tried to give it some dust kicks, but couldn’t make it work out without it taking something away in return, so I kept on them on extremely low opacity