Server Dust | Oversize

Great lighting.
On the other hand, why did you choose to keep the outside grey?

This pic makes me wanna zoom in so much. Make sure to click the full res version once it loads. The leathery reflections on the seats are quite cleverly done.

The original idea was to set the scene above the atmosphere, where the sky is a lot darker. Idea shifted a bit, ended up shooting from the inside of the train rather than further away, a frame from which you couldn’t exactly tell where the train was situated (in the sky). Already had a lighting setup I was pleased with and didn’t want to change. At that point I couldn’t make the sky brighter because it would hurt the overall composition by stealing the focus from the sun illuminating the floor/chairs of the train. Had to compromise there a bit.

So I just came upon this interesting thought by looking at this again today.

Is the train size normal and the people are small or are the people normal size and the train is huge?

I just thought of it like how people used to make them Gmod maps where the players were really small (like this bedroom map) and this was just a train map similar to that. Obviously with Vioxtar’s sandbox theme to zest it up.

To me it looks like multiple things have been resized multiple times. There’s a bench the size of a car, or a car the size of a bench, whichever way you look at it. It’s possible the train itself has been resized multiple times, with the items inside being resized to fit the train’s size.